I use two methods of ovulation testing to give you the very best indication of the optimum time to take your bitch to the stud dog for mating.

Cytology, the study of the cells and their changes,  has long been a reliable source of information.

By taking a vaginal smear from the bitch those changes can be observed and I may offer my opinion purely for informative purposes.

The reproductive cycle of a bitch is controlled by the amount of the hormone Oestrogen produced at any point.  When oestrogen levels are low, at the start and end of the cycle, cells from the lining of the vagina are lost rapidly, building up only two or three layers before being shed so the cells recovered in a smear will be young cells. These cells are relatively small and rounded, with a large, diffuse nucleus which can be disclosed by an appropriate nuclear stain such as haematoxylin or methylene blue. 

When the bitch enters the fertile stage of her cycle, the cells are retained and build up to form a thick layer which may become 20 or more cells deep. This means that cells recovered in a smear will be more mature. These mature cells have a different appearance, being larger and more angular in shape, with a small, compact nucleus. With practice, these two types can readily be distinguished and this is the basis of fertility testing. The transition from young to mature cells is quite sharp. The optimum time for mating is six days after this change is seen giving you plenty of time for arrangement and perhaps travel.

The second method I use is saliva testing. The bitch is encouraged to offer a specimen of saliva first thing in the morning, I observe the formation of crystals within the sample and the change with each passing day. As the expected pattern of crystals form  I can offer an opinion as to the  optimum time for mating

I'm happy to discuss these methods and share my experiences of use, I have found them both to be accurate.

Ovulation Testing Cost: 25.00 (postal service is reliable and available)

Travel and journey time  costs will be calculated on .60p per mile, single journey basis.

Bitches may be brought to my home for testing by appointment


My thanks to Val Hart and her lovely Manchester Terrier Digelsa Deep Purple,  "Izzy" , for allowing Geraldine Cove-Print to take photo's during testing


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