What is microchipping?


It's a permanent means of identifying your animal, by inserting the tiny microchip under the skin around the scruff on the back of the neck the microchip can be read by a scanner to see the unique number allocated to your animal. This number is registered with your name and address at a central location so if your animal is found he can be quickly and safely returned to you. For travel under the dog passport scheme a microchip is necessary, it's a reliable form of identity.

I only use Identichip , it has a patented anti migration cap which ensures the microchip cannot move around the body, the outer shell is the same material as used in components for  heart surgery in humans so you can be sure of it's safety record





Microchipping Cost: 15.00 one dog or cat

Generous discount available on multiple dogs/cats in one location (including litters)

Travel and journey time  costs will be calculated on .60p per mile, single journey basis.




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