Whelping Assistance

Whether you need me close by your side while the bitch whelps or you prefer to take a more remote view, it may be you just need re assurance at the critical time or a full and complete whelping service,  I can help

Whelping Assistance costs will vary as to the needs of the client, however as a guide I suggest a three visit plan

  • First Visit, you let me know when you feel the bitch has reached the stage at which puppies will be expected within the next few hours, I will give you advice and guidance prior to this time so you will recognise this stage.

  • Second Visit, this may well carry straight on from the first visit, it depends on the assessment of the situation , I will stay with you and the bitch until she completes whelping( within a 12 hour period)

  • Third Visit, post whelping to ensure all whelps are feeding and healthy and that the bitch is in good health and coping with motherhood


Mating Assistance

I have had considerable success and experience in aiding in the mating process between bitch and dog. Some breeds are notoriously difficult to mate , while other individual animals require direct guidance to achieve a successful mating.

This service used in conjunction with ovulation testing offers a good chance of a fruitful union

Mating Assistance Cost: 30.00 per hour or part thereof

Travel and journey time  costs will be calculated on .60p per mile, single journey basis.

If used in conjunction with Ovulation Testing considerable discount offered



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